In 1971 the property "Merroo" was purchased by the Broughton family as a working farm, including stud cattle.

Centre 1
Centre 1 was built and opened Easter 1980. The conference centre was named "Merroo", after the property itself, with the surrounding area known as the Parish of Merroo. It was discovered that the original meaning of the word "Merroo" is "A well of water springing up", and this was taken to be a confirmation of God's plan for this place.

In 1986 God began to show David Broughton that His plans for the Centre would mean considerable expansion. David saw a vision including a large auditorium in which people of all cultures and denominations were touched by God and healed. It was an awesome experience of God's glory. David then commenced the construction of Centre 2.

Centre 2
In 1987 Merroo was placed into a charitable trust, and taken out of personal ownership. Construction of Centre 2 continued but many difficulties were experienced before it opened in 1992. These difficulties continued until 1996 when David, in obedience to the original vision, finally built the House of Prayer. This was the last building constructed, and within a year of it being completed the difficulties were seen to be over - the financial burden was removed, and Merroo began to experience wonderful blessings.

Today Merroo provides comfortable accommodation, good food, and a peaceful atmosphere in which people can meet with God - a life-changing experience, in fact 'a well of water springing up within them'.

Merroo Centre 3 (formerly Life Adventure Site)
Merroo now offers Centre 3 in addition to both Centre 1 & Centre 2.
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